Like Cheese? Pepperidge Farm Launches NEW Goldfish Mac & Cheese!

Raise your hand if you often turn to boxed macaroni and cheese products for a quick dinner or lunch option! While I have been trying to make my own mac and cheese, the kids still clamor for the store-bought options -- enough so that I've gotten a bit burned out.  When Walmart sent me samples to try of the new Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Mac & Cheese (inspired by the tasty little cheese crackers that my toddler son always tries to sneak into our grocery cart), I was instantly intrigued.

The mac and cheese is cooked and prepared like your typical boxed product.  (Which means, since this is a "character" pasta, you'll want to cook it a bit longer than directed on the box so that your fishes aren't "chewy".)  When cooked 1-2 extra minutes, these pastas are sooooo delicious!

I got rave reviews from the kids on the first box we tried: Cheesy Pizza.  Even my teenage daughter said it was "the best mac and cheese ever."  We went on to try the Nacho and Cheddar varieties (which were popular but not as big of a hit as the mind-blowingly popular Pizza box.)  I honestly have yet to try the Butter Parmesan, because it has the appearance on the box of a "white cheese", something my kids refuse to try.  I think, however, that it might be the one I choose to eat; I'll cook some up if the kids ever get to bed before 9pm.

The products are now available exclusively at local Walmart stores for $.98 a box.  The serving sizes listed were a little larger than what I feed my kids, so even though the box stated it would feed just 2, I gave 5 kids a hearty side-dish portion that made for a nice change in our starch lineup. Note also that the ingredients include real cheese and no artificial preservatives!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.