Review of Hullabalu's "Pan the Fearless Beribolt" Interactive Story App

There are so many kids apps on the market, and with my 3-year-old claiming he "owns" my iPad 2, I'm always looking for age-appropriate apps for him.  One such app that he's been obsessed about lately is "Pan the Fearless Beribolt" by Hullabalu.

Hullabalu has put out all the makings of a successful pre-school app.  It has cute panda bears, a problem to be solved, and lots of easy-to-follow interactive play. The main character, a purple panda named Pandora, is a fearless Beribolt (the name for the kind of panda she is).  The story has an adventure feel, but it isn't too scary for little kids.

Here is a trailer below:

Note, that while the trailer seems rather fast-paced, the play is slower, giving even younger kids a chance to play at their skill level.  There is even an adorable "photo booth" feature that lets kids take photos of themselves to add to the story!   I especially like that my older kids like to watch the story unfold as my younger kids "interact" and help the story along.  While there is only one part of the story completed, my kids have already learned that the best apps get new "updates" frequently.  My toddler has played and replayed (and replayed) the first part of the story several times.  He will be so excited when new chapters are added!

This app is available for iPad 2 and higher and the iPad mini.  Get more details at the official website, or download from the iTunes app store