Review of Kidobi Preschool-Friendly Mobile Video App

I got an iPad 2 a few years ago, and swore that it would be my "work" tool.  Since then, 75% of the apps on it are for kids, and my hubby and children have the thing most of the time.  This is fine with me, provided I can control some of the content they are viewing.  The biggest issue I have is with my 3-year-old.  I'm always finding him leaving popular games and ending up on YouTube videos that I wouldn't approve of!

Kidobi is yet another video aggregate solution for parents of young children, and, I wasn't sure it would add anything to our growing list of kid video apps.  I downloaded my trial version, and took a few minutes to customize my child's viewing experience.  First of all, I loved that I could set up different profiles for each child.  (Things that my toddler would enjoy would not be enjoyed by my Kindergartner.)  Then, I could further add preferences for viewing by how much content in the following categories I would allow: commercialism, violence, intensity/scariness, and language.  (I love this feature, because I'm currently trying to limit the time my kids spend watching shows where the kids "sass.")

I can also ask for videos that specifically address learning categories that I want him to see: language, math, life skills, arts, and social science.  I can also add categories that I don't want him to watch.  (Have a kid that is scared of fire?  Choose to skip fire safety or fire situational videos until they are over it!)

The video selection on Kidobi is wide; including videos I've never heard of from overseas.  My son immediately fell in love with a cartoon about a lawnmower, and it is on his "favorite" playlist.  While I can set up daily playlists for my child, it's not necessary for him to view.  And when he's watching, he can't fiddle with any of the settings.  He can only play, pause, skip, or mark "thumbs up" for the stuff he really enjoys.

If my son has his way, he'd watch Kidobi for hours.  I don't mind him watching is for awhile, as it is highly educational.  I also like that I can view his history at any time, so that I can see what he's watched.

The service is free for limited viewing, and access to all the videos is a reasonable $8 a month!  That's the same price as many "grown up" viewing services, without the worry!

Learn more about our favorite new preschool video app at Kidobi!

*I received a 3-month trial of Kidobi to try out.  Opinions are 100% my own, and I plan on renewing to paid subscription once our free trial ends!