Review of the Lego BrickGun Book

Legos are a HUGE passion for my family, giving my young boys a way to express themselves, learn about how things come together, and develop team-building skills.  Since my husband is almost always involved in their play, it only made sense that their would be a book for fans his age.

No Starch Press (an amazing resource for LEGO fanatics) has come out with "the" book for LEGO fans who also dig firearms. We have always been impressed with the mechanics of a well-built defensive weapon, and we've seen the fun videos on YouTube of those who have tried to make replica guns from LEGO's.

This BrickGun Book gives step-by-step instructions for recreating models of some of the most popular models, including the BG22 with magazine, 1911, and Desert Eagle.  These very realistic-looking toy models are about the same size as the original, but made with lego bricks!

The Lego BrickGun book is definitely more involved than most Lego project manuals.  The realistic look of the finished product, along with the actual moving parts, will make it appealing and appropriate for older teens and adults.  As with anything, we encourage and practice responsible firearm handling; this book is not intended for small children, as even toy weapons should be treated with respect and caution.

If you have a hunter or gun sport enthusiast in your home who desires to create realistic models of their favorite guns, this is a fantastic buy.  You'll likely need to stock up on some extra Lego parts and hours of patience!  Find this book available from No Starch Press for $32.99.

*Review copy received.  Opinions are my own.