Review of Toy State CAT and CAT Preschool Toys

With four boys in the house (and one on the way), there is never a lack of cars and trucks underfoot.  They are in the bathtub, on the kitchen table, and -- of course -- right where you want to walk!  The boys love trucks and cars, especially during the preschool years.  Surprisingly, however, even with all the lights and action that today's toys bring, the ones that are the most popular at our home are those that just roll!

Toy State, a company we've reviewed in the past, has a cute line of CAT brand inspired trucks and construction vehicles that fit the bill.  The 8" Tough Tracks are free-wheeling toys that look just like the dump trucks, wheel loaders, and excavators that little boys ages 2 and up go crazy for.  They come in a 2 and 3 pack, and are built to last.  They are made from sturdy but soft-edged plastic.  They go outside with my toddler and come in all in one piece.  What else can you ask for?

We also really enjoyed playing with the E-Z Machines Radio Control vehicle.  Yes, you can let your 2-year-old have his own RC toy!  This one-button controller causes the vehicle to move forward fairly fast, and when your child lets go, it spins!

There is a also a fun feature that causes the "machine" to function (i.e. the bucket on the loader or the bed on the dump truck).  Since so many little ones wish to play with their older siblings RC cars, this is the perfect compromise.  (And my son didn't get frustrated  even once with the very simple remote function.)

Both of these toys are affordable (just $12 for the RC toy and $13.99 - 21.99 for the 2/3 pack of Tough Tracks).  Get more information on both at the Toy State Website!

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.