So How Easy Was our Delta In2ition Shower Head Installation?

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Delta Faucets. I received a product sample and promotional item as a thank you for participating.


I've been getting a bit more comfy with DIY projects at my house.  I recently cleaned the pump trap on my washing machine, for one, and I watch my husband's every move as he does more common jobs around the house.  One thing I had no desire to do, however, was replace our shower head. I figured that was completely a "man's job."

When I was sent a Delta In2ition shower head to install, I didn't actually believe that it would be as easy to put on as it was.  The directions were a tiny explanation, and the parts were few.  Was it really all about unscrewing my existing head and screw on the new one?

Yes, it was.

And while I had hubby on standby to supervise, the fact is (if you have everything in working order with your shower set-up) that replacing a shower head is like replacing an electric toothbrush head!  While I had visions of wearing a toolbelt and using "plumber's tools" when I took on the project, I really just needed a glove with a good grip so that I could take off my crusty old shower head (it was rather stuck on) and a few minutes to work the new one in place.  I was showering with the new head in minutes!

And, as a pregnant mom who LOVES her showers, I can't tell you how much this has heightened my shower experience.  I love the different flows and how, even with our very low water pressure, my entire body and hair can get soaked at the same time.  No more of that "stand here to get one side of my body wet" then "stand here for the other."  It also does a nice job or rinsing out shampoo!  (And if you can see the photo below, the water pressure doesn't look great -- but that's with my husband watering the garden -- something I couldn't even dream of showering during before this shower head!)

If you've been considering whether to go with a more functional shower head (that includes a handled spray attachment) or a luxury shower head that feels like a spa experience, the Delta In2ition does not make you choose.  You can have both (and have it within minutes of getting it home from the store!)