3 Easy Ideas for Packing Cute School Lunch Boxes

As a homeschool family, you may not think that we do too much "lunch box" stuff at our house.  For the most part, you would be right.  However, there are plenty of times (during a shopping trip or sporting event, for example) when a sack lunch is necessary.  It's those times when I wished I planned a bit more to make the lunch option exciting.

With Pinterest offering so many cute ideas, I get a bit intimidated.  I have 5 kids, so making rice balls with adorable eyes just isn't in my schedule.  There are a few things I can do to make healthy foods more exciting -- and therefore, edible, however.  Here are my favorite tricks to make lunches cute!

(See a few in the video below:)

1.  Use cookie cutters.  A cheddar, kale, and cream cheese tortillas isn't that exciting.  Cut it into little star shapes with a cookie cutter, however, and you have my 3-year-old's FAVORITE snack!

2.  Get creative with crazy straws.  Not only are they perfect for drinking, but crazy straws are a safe alternative to toothpicks, and are excellent for "threading" marshmallows, berries, and pieces of melon.

3.  Pack in perfect containers.  The new lunch boxes available at Walmart are the right combination of functional (they keep things cold) and adorable.  Even when eating at home, my kids would rather eat out of a sectioned lunch box (like this Lunch on The Go - L.O.T.G box with removable ice pack) than a plate.  Isn't the lunch box below just more appealing?

My kids absolutely love having boxed lunches at home, and I recommend doing this as a special treat from time to time. It's a healthy way to motivate picky eaters and reward kids who have worked hard!

You can find the lunchbox featured in this post, as well as most fixings for a healthy back-to-school meal at your local Walmart.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.