Do you Give a Cup? Peet's Introduces Single Cups

Image and value provided by our partner, Peet's

I get so excited when I find something new to brew in my single cup brewer.  Now, Peet's Coffee has joined the fold with their own version!  I'm so excited to try this out, and Peet's is making it easy for you to try them, also.

Their Give a Cup program works like this: Each week, Peet's we will post new and current topics on for America to vote on. They topics will vary (some will be CRAZY), but all will give you the chance to tell if you Give a Cup! Votes will determine where the next week's free sampling event will occur, so it does matter how you vote.

So, what do I Give a Cup about?  I could tell you a few things that I do, but mainly -- it's my family.  They mean everything to me.  In fact, my life kind of revolves around them.  I work with them, teach them, and have crazy moments every day with them.

It's your turn.  Join the movement and let Peet's know what makes you Give a Cup!