Easy Hostess Ice Cream Cupcakes Recipe!

You may have already heard about the "Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever"... it's Hostess!  They are now back with their yummy snack cakes, donuts, and pies.  I was asked to purchase a few of the products, then come up with a recipe using one of them.

I chose the Cupcakes because I love the swirly little icing on the tops of them.  They have always been my favorite.  But what would I make with them?  I knew that I must do something with ice cream!

First, I put the cupcakes in the freezer so that they would be firm.  I then cut them in half (tops and bottoms) and laid them out for the ice cream.

Next, I took some slightly softened ice cream and scooped one full-sized scoop onto the bottom half of each cupcake.  (I went with butter pecan ice cream.)

After the ice cream was in position, I replaced the cupcake tops and used an icing spatula to smooth out the ice cream all the way around the cupcake.  Then, I placed the cupcakes in a plastic container in the freezer until they were very firm!  (You could also put them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.)

These were sooooo delicious.  My husband and kids loved them.  They took just minutes to prepare, and they still have the beautiful look of the original Hostess Cupcakes!

What is your favorite Hostess product?