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With 5 kids at home, all five seem to have their own interests and talents.  Homeschooling them means that I have taken full responsibility for their learning, and this includes cultivating those musical, art, and academic talents that I may not be fluent in teaching.

Thankfully, I don't have a problem outsourcing to the experts.  Even though we live very rural (about 45 minutes from the nearest guitar lesson, for example), I can give my kids the lessons they need to grow with TakeLessons.

What is it?  TakeLessons connects students and families with private music teachers, arts instructors and academic tutors throughout the US. Since 2006, they have worked with 30,000 students nationwide. All of their teachers have completed an extensive interview, training, and an annual criminal background check, and the site actually handles all the hassles of scheduling, initial coordination with the instructor, and billing.

But what if there are no teachers in your area?  (Like where we live?) They have a wide assortment of Online Lessons, and all we need to participate is a webcam, a Skype account, and a good Internet connection. I'm especially fond of this option, as we don't like to have to get out and spend gas money if we don't have to!

Lesson types include guitar, singing, piano, drums, violin, dance, acting, and academic tutoring, and there are a wide variety of pricing plans available.  They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so if you're not satisfied with your first lesson, they'll find you another teacher, or refund all of your original purchase price.

Here's a sample video of what your student could learn: (I used to be a drummer, so I can vouch for how accurate this is!)

You can find out more about TakeLessons at their website!

Wanna Save?  As a special offer to all readers, they are offering 20% off all lessons packages with the unique promo code “SUMMERMUSIC3” You can take advantage of the savings when you book online, or call 619-618-7499 to talk through options and pricing with a Student Counselor (don't forget to mention the code!)