Pest Solutions for the Home and Farm: Review of 2 New Victor Products!

Ugh. I remember when we first moved into our farmhouse.  It had been sitting empty for over 3 years (empty of humans, that is.)  The mice had made lovely little homes in all the closets, the walls, and even the stove!  After what seemed like many months of battling it out, we finally won our right to the house, and the mice rarely made an appearance.

The outside of our home, however, still has issues.  We avoid using poisons, as it can cause health issues for our chickens and our rat terrier (which still catches a mouse from time to time.)  And while typical sticky traps and old-fashioned snap-traps work, it's a slow process that requires a lot of cleanup!

Victor had presented us with samples of two products to try on our farm, both with different goals in mind.  One was to repel the mice.  The other was to trap.

First, we took the Ultra PestChaser for a spin.  This clever little gadget looks like a speakers you might plug your iPod into, but it's actually a set of three speakers in one box which produce varied high-frequency ultrasounds that pests find distressing and encourages them to flee. We knew right way that this was going into my husband's machine shop. We get mice in there who try to eat our birdseed and gardning supplies, so this gives him a way to clean up the area without having to dig through boxes and bins of his tools and supplies to find the little critters.

The Ultra PestChaser works best in a one-room area, and plugs into any standard electrical outlet.  (It has a cord, so you can set it on a shelf near the outlet, if you need to).  It's doesn't transmit the sounds through walls, and you'll also want it to be somewhat free of large objects that can block the pests.  (Oh, and make sure you have a way for the varmints to get out.  A well-sealed shed or room won't allow them to make their escape -- which is the purpose of this clever little gizmo!)

For the area under our home (the dreaded crawl space) we set up the Electronic Mouse Trap Pro.  This is a sturdy trap that can contain up to three mice at a time before you have to dump it.  We've tried other "Multiple mice" solutions, and found that one very spirited mouse can actually set off all 3 traps, defeating the purpose.
I like that this trap actually delivers a little "zap" to the mouse once it gets into the trap, killing it instantly, and resetting to allow 2 more mice to be caught.  Not only is this "zap" more humane (have you ever seen a mouse die in a regular trap or struggle to death in a "humane" trap?), it leaves less mess and makes it easy to take care of a small mouse problem in as little as one night.

In a perfect world, I would say "of course we have no mice!", but that is a lie.  We live on 4 acres surrounded by miles and miles of corn.  The mice come to the surrounding property to eat, and they'll often stop off at our property for water and shelter.  I like that Victor seems to have listened to the needs of rural and farm home owners with the newest features of these two products.  Mice aren't something I want to have to worry about!

Get more info on the entire Victor pest-control line at their website!

*Samples received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.