Simple Party Idea: Grilled Donuts!

I've seen grilled doughnuts quite a bit in magazines lately, but most of the recipes required me to make my own doughnuts.  Originally, I had planned to try that, but then life kicked in.  Between being super pregnant and having a huge garden to tend, I just realized that it was never going to happen.

Then, I remembered that my local Walmart carried some yummy glazed doughnuts that would be perfect for this project. I managed to find some on the discounted rack that were a day old.  They weren't going to be grilled until the next day, so I bought a few packages!

The next afternoon, as my husband grilled burgers on one side of the grill, I put the glazed doughnuts on the other (on low heat).  Once they had char marks on one side, I flipped them over.  They smelled great!

The grilled doughnuts were a hit with my family.  One kid said that they tasted like funnel cakes from the county fair.  They were best eaten within 5 minutes, while still warm.  After that, they can get a little tough from being on the high heat.

What can you serve your doughnuts with?  I've seen everything from jellies to jams to chocolate cream.  I loved pistachio pudding, so I whipped up a little instant Great Value pudding and used it to dip my doughnut in.  It was awesome!

This would be a great idea for a party or any summer outdoor event.  The doughnuts are reasonably priced, so you can buy several boxes for your occasion.  Grilling takes just minutes, and you can provide a variety of dipping sauces to give everyone in the party something to customize their donut experience with!