Summer Boredom Buster: A Face Painting Party for the Kids!

My kids love going to carnivals and birthday parties to have their faces painted.  The problem is that often the lines are long for such events, and the kids don't always come home with a pleasant reaction to the paint used.

We recently found a selection of face paint products at Walmart in the craft section. There were pots of paint in both boy and girl colors, as well as "pens", which are more like grease paint crayons that you can use to put color directly on your child's face.

The paint is easy to wash off; just check out what 2 minutes in the tub did for my little guy!  A baby wipe or soap and water can take care of it, and even my kids sensitive skin wasn't bothered by these products.

I tried doing a few simple designs on my kids that I found on Pinterest, but my sons decided to take matters into their own hands.  Here is Micah giving his brother a pirate look:

Here is Marcus as a cute puppy!

My little frog would barely sit still for his application, but you get the idea.

While I supervised the children, they pretty much handled everything on their own.  Our face painting party lasted a few hours; the kids each did one or two designs since it was so easy to wash off!

The paint isn't of the same coverage ability as paint used by professionals, which means you won't get as much of a dark look as you would at the fair.  It's also much easier to wash off of clothing and furniture, however, so the trade-off is fair.

What designs would you use in a face-painting party?  Would you let your kids design one on your face?