Debbie Macomber's New "Rose Harbor in Bloom" - 40% off!

I admit that it has been a long time since I read a fiction book just for fun.  Usually, I'm reading business books, or fiction books that are part of the children's homeschool.  When Walmart gave me the opportunity to preview the newest Debbie Macomber book "Rose Harbor in Bloom" before it hits store shelves on August 13th, I was excited but a little nervous.  I was amazed to remember how much I loved reading!

I have seen at least one of the movies based on Ms. Macomber's books.  I knew that they were wildly popular among women and tame by today's book standards.  My grandmother even loved them.  I started this book not having read the book that comes before it in the series "The Inn at Rose Harbor."  It didn't matter.  I wasn't lost, at all, and this book could easily stand alone.

I immediately took to the writing style of the author.  She was straightforward, choosing to tell details of the characters and use dialogue to give background and details of the setting.  I admit to skipping large chunks of descriptive prose in other books, so I was relieved to be able to read straight through without feeling bogged down by too much flowery writing.

The story is set in a bed and breakfast where the owner has her own past.  Each guest that arrives is dealing with a past, as well, and many of the stories get resolved in some fashion before the book ends (but not as to be too predictable.)  I found my self tearing up a bit at certain parts, only because the characters were so likable and the outcomes so hopeful.

There was a good amount of romantic tension in this book, but nothing inappropriate or over the top.  It was realistic, however.  I found that I wanted certain characters to get together -- even if it made the book a bit predictable.  The "how" of them getting together was more surprising than the "what", and that made it an interesting read.

If you need something to help you escape for an afternoon, this is a fantastic weekend read.  I know that I'll be taking it easy after my baby is born in the fall, and I enjoyed this title so much that I'm looking forward to checking out a few others by Ms. Macomber for the weeks when I'm recovering from delivery.

You can get this book from Walmart at a special price of 40% off the list price (just $15.60).  Pre-order now, and it'll ship on the date it releases!

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