Get Back to School in Style with the Casio Pink fx-9860GII and a signed Danica McKellar PRIZM Calculator!

Who remembers "The Wonder Years" growing up?  It was one of my favorite shows, and now - as a mom to a teenage daughter who wishes to be a doctor - I find it inspiring that one of the show's stars (Danica McKellar) is encouraging girls to get into the higher maths and sciences.  I'm actually impressed with the trend of girls using their brains to succeed via girl-friendly apps and tools, like the popular fx-9860GII graphing calculator in a hot PINK color.

I didn't take higher math classes in school, so I'm not really an expert on graphing calcs.  What I can tell from looking at this awesome tool, however, is that it has an amazing backlit display, large and easy-to-read buttons, and an affordable price tag (just $79.99!)  Looking at it further, I was impressed by the icon-based menu, which resembles a smart phone home page.  It even boasts something called "Natural Textbook Display", which lets kids view the math expressions in the same way they would in textbooks.

For those of you who don't need the pink, but want something even more high-tech, you'll definitely want to check out the Casio PRIZM Calculator.  This is more than just a calculator; it's a mini computer!  There are so many things you can do with this machine, and it's perfect for high school students who want to take a powerful tool with them to learn through the college years.

Hours of playing around with this calculator didn't even have me scratching the surface of what it can do, but here are some of the highlights:
  • Its high-resolution color LCD screen makes graphing and plotting exciting -- and easy to see!
  • Kids can actually plot graphs over one of 55 pictures of real-life shapes (such as jets from a fountain).
  • Four AAA batteries last for 140 hours in this calculator!
  • Spreadsheet features let students color code brackets to help them "see" complex equations.
  • The ability to connect it to an overhead projector makes it a great tool for classroom use.
  • It has a 16MB storage capacity.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that this is the next generation of calculators.  You may, however, have a future rocket scientist in your home that could greatly benefit from this powerhouse of calcs. (This calculator is priced at a surprisingly low $129.99)

You can learn more about BOTH products at the Casio website.

Wanna Win?  We are SO excited to be giving away BOTH the Casio Pink fx-9860GII AND a PRIZM.  The PRIZM is signed by Danica McKellar herself! (Valued at over $200+)

To be entered to win this amazing prize package, just comment on this post with how winning will positively influence a student in your life.

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