Lunchables Creates On-the-go Options for Younger Kids!

I loved eating Lunchables as a kid, but I rarely got to eat them. One day a week, my Mom would bring me one during the day when I taught dance lessons in high school.  I loved having a convenient meal that I could eat quickly between classes that would keep me energized but not overfill me.

Now, Lunchables has expanded into dozens of meal ideas, and while we don't buy them too often (we just aren't on the road that much), we have fallen in love with their little Lunchables Jr. line.  Designed for kids ages 3 and up, they are more of a snack option than a meal option, in my opinion.  They do offer a variety of finger foods that kids my son's age can enjoy at home, in the car, or anywhere you may need to ward off hunger for awhile.

There are four varieties, including Ants on a Log and Blueberry Bonanza (shown above.)  The Ants on a Log comes with a tiny, individually sealed peanut butter cup.  While this variety may be the most balanced in terms of providing some protein, fruit, and a carb, it is also the most messy if your toddler isn't particularly skilled with dipping things in peanut butter. (My son always ends up with more on his hands and face than in his stomach!)

My personal fave is the Blueberry Bonanza, probably because it contains a sweet (wafers), savory (cheese crackers) and a chewy (the apples flavored with blueberry).  My kids weren't the biggest fans of the blueberry apples.  They preferred regular dried apples from another pack.

For most small people, this could substitute as a quick meal, especially when out shopping or for days when they just aren't eating well.  These have really come in handy during a recent spell of summer colds -- when my son just wasn't eating much we put in front of him.  He thinks these little finger foods are fun to eat, and I admit that they are much better tossed into the diaper bag than the option of stopping for overpriced, greasy hamburgers because we can't wait another 30 minutes to get home and cook a real meal.

The Lunchables Jr. products -- now available at Walmart -- are available for $1.98 each.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.