Back-to-School Cuts with SmartStyle Family Hair Salon

During the summer months, I'm likely to buzz the hair off of each of my boys' heads.  It's just easier and more affordable than getting a professional cut at our Walmart an hour away.

During the school year, however, we transition to our homeschool activities, family events, and busy calendar of "public" outings.  Having a shaved head just won't do.  Since I've been letting the boys grow their hair out for over a month, they were looking a bit shaggy.  We took Walmart up on their offer to have 3 boys and my husband get their hair trimmed at SmartStyle Family Hair Salon; we were in the neighborhood for a doctor's appointment, so we popped in without an appointment!

It was a Tuesday afternoon, so there was no one else there.  They were running a special ($12 for a shampoo and cut), but my boys won't stand to let someone else wash their hair.  We opted for cuts for 4, and it took less than 45 minutes to have everyone done!

Here is Moses getting his long locks cut.  He was so shy, but the lady who did his hair was very patient and friendly.

Poor Marcus has just experienced an allergic reaction from a bug bite near his eye, and I was worried he wouldn't sit well.  This 3-year-old was a champ, however; he proudly let them cut his hair with no wiggles.  He even sat perfectly still as they used the buzz trimmer!

Here are 2 of my guys with their new look.  I was super impressed with the price, convenience of just walking in, and how quickly it all happened.  I had planned on doing some shopping while the boys got cuts with their Dad.  They were done so fast, however, that I didn't have time to go anywhere before they were done!

Will you be getting "back to school" cuts this year?  Even if you are frugal and like to DIY your haircuts, I always like to get the boys professional cuts for special events, family photos, and back to school time.

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