Chili-Dusted Guacamole Ranch Deviled Eggs and 2 Other EASY Football Party Foods

Football season is a great excuse to do one thing: eat.  Even if you don't follow the teams, getting together with your friends and family is an awesome experience, one that shouldn't be hindered by complicated recipes that suck up your time and keep you from enjoying your guests!  I have picked a few of my favorite things to serve at our own football viewings; there is a little bit for everyone, and prep time is less than 20 minutes per item!

Chili-Dusted Guacamole Ranch Deviled Eggs

Tired of the same ol' egg?  By switching out the mustard with Wish-Bone Guacamole Ranch Dressing, you can create a new flavor for your deviled eggs!  I use equal parts dressing and mayo, mashed into the egg yolks of hard boiled eggs to create the filling.  Then, I sprinkle with a little chili powder (instead of paprika.)  The results is a mild but kicky flavor that my kids love!

Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Bites

I just grab a box of the T.G.I Friday Honey BBQ Boneless Chicken Bites and put them under my broiler to get them nice and crunchy.  Toss in the included sauce packet, and you've got a fool-proof snack that no one will turn down.  My husband thinks these are restaurant-quality; I agree!

Spicy Chicken Nachos

I love a good nacho, but cooking the meat and prepping the ingredients is a pain.  T.G.I. Friday's Nacho Toppers (Chicken and Cheese) are easy to microwave and put on your choice of chip.  These were spicy!  I had to add some sour cream to cut the heat.

Now, I know that some people take a lot of pride in their homemade dishes that take hours to prepare.  Being pregnant, however, I'm lucky to get food on the table and clear the paper plates.
All of the products in this post can be found at Walmart, and many of them are on sale for the Game Time season!

What's your easiest football party recipe to prepare?

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