Could you Live Without Your Fridge?

The following is part of a series of content in partnership with Freshpet! Opinions are my own.

Last week, I was approached about doing a "no fridge" challenge with Freshpet, a fresh petfood company.  Being very pregnant, working on a house remodel, and homeschooling 5 kids, I thought that the timing was ridiculous, and so I thought very carefully about participating.  I mean, living without your fridge?  Who does that ON PURPOSE?

Then, as luck would have it, my fridge died.  Yep, the compressor went out, and we lost all the food in our fridge, along with having a giant mess to clean up.  I chuckled when I got the diagnosis that this appliance wouldn't be running again (at least not without costs that would rival the cost of a new fridge.)  I ordered a new fridge and was told that I could have cold food again in a week.  O brother....

So, without even having a say in the matter, I embarked on a week of no food in my fridge.  How did I do?  What would we eat?  And how would it affect the family's healthy eating habits that we had worked so hard to establish over the summer?  And what about my pets?  Will they be affected, too?

To see how everyone who is participating in the challenge is doing, be sure to check in regularly at the Freshpet Fridge Challenge website.  When you are done there, you can head over to the Freshpet Facebook page to enter to win amazing prizes:

(1) Grand-prize winners will receive a Freshpet mini-fridge, as well as the monetary equivalent of one year’s supply of Freshpet for one pet
(2) Second-place winners will receive a $500 USD gift card to their favorite local fresh food store (5) Third-place winners will receive a $100 USD gift card to their favorite local fresh food store

To get your entry in, just tell Freshpet in 50 words or less why you and your pets can't live without your refrigerator!  There will be weekly challenges in addition to the final prize event.

Stay tuned to see how we did with our "no fridge" challenge, as well as to get tips and advice for feeding your pet freshly -- provided by an expert on pet nutrition!  Can't wait until our next update? Be sure to follow @drkatynelson and @freshpet on Twitter to see real-time tips and news about the challenge and keeping your pets happy and healthy!