Early Layaway is Coming to Walmart!

It's not even the middle of September, but I'm seeing some pretty fantastic deals at my local Walmart.  I keep thinking things like "this would make the perfect gift for this kid to get at Christmas".  If you're finding yourself planning ahead, as well, you might be excited to know that layaway is coming back early this year at Walmart!

Here are the details of this special promotion:
  • Layaway starts on September 13th.  If you claim the special Facebook offer, however, you get access to Layaway on the 11th and 12th - 2 DAYS BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE! 
  • Walmart’s free layaway means no opening fees, no gift-card reimbursements, just free!
  • Eligible layaway items include electronics, toys, jewelry, small appliances and select sporting goods. (And new in 2013 are infant toys and automotive electronics such as speakers and stereos.)
  • Layaway is backed by Walmart's Ad-Match Policy.  This means you can do ALL your shopping in one place and get the best price available.  
  • Down Payment is 10% or $10, whichever is greater.  Min. Purchase $15 per item, $50 total.  Cancel Fee is $10.  You have 90 Days to Pay.
Do you use layaway?  Will you be taking advantage of this year's early layaway offer?

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.