Family Friendly Movie Alert: Dear Dumb Diary

Are your kids familiar with the "Dear Dumb Diary" books?  The New York Times best-selling book series by author and illustrator Jim Benton has been made into a cute and family-friendly musical movie by Walden Family Theater. Walmart and P&G!

The movie airs tonight on the Hallmark Channel, but, if you miss it, you can catch it again on 9/13 and 10/11. (I'm so happy to see some quality movies that parents can watch with their kids, and although we have all little boys in the house, -- and haven't read the books -- we think the movie looks fantastic!)

Even if you haven't read the books (maybe you have a house full of boys -- like us), this movie looks awesome.  If you don't have cable, you can also buy the movie in-store for just $16.96, beginning September 9th!

I caught the trailer for this movie (see above), and the lead character looks spunky and adorable.  The added bonus of being a musical (my kids love singing in movies) means that it could have appeal for a very long time.

And if you have little fashionistas in your house who want to copy the looks of the movie, be sure to check out this Pinterest Board.  You'll find outfits you can buy at your local Walmart for an affordable price -- inspired by the film!

I hope your family has the chance to catch this film on TV or DVD!  With so few appropriate shows and movies on TV these days, I'm always excited to see something like this.  What's your favorite Dear Dumb Diary book or character?

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