Is Disney infinity Worth the Hype?

I was introduced to the concept of the new Disney Infinity game earlier this year at a Walmart trip to Bentonville.  I was impressed with the idea, a game that allowed children to role play different popular Disney characters via mini figurines that they placed on a gaming portal, complete with spaces for bonus powers and a way to adjust their gaming environment.

If the concept sounded familiar to you, it's likely because the only other game that has attempted this style of play -- Skylanders -- is constantly being compared to the new Disney Infinity game.  My kids are fans of any game that allows for role play, problem solving, and collectible pieces, so I understand being temped to compare the two.

Aside from the idea of figurines and a play portal, however, that's pretty much where the comparison ends. The Disney Infinity game is magical, exciting, and full of imaginative options for play.  We got to try it out for the Xbox 360, (which I highly recommend), and the kids have been obsessed with it. (Our toddler loves just playing with the pieces not even connected to the game.)

In addition to the characters that come with the starter pack, Walmart had a pre-order special that allowed us to order an additional character and a disc pack for free.  This really set us up to start exploring the possibilities of the game and how it worked.  My kids have enjoyed playing 2-player mode in the "Toy Box" -- which is kind of a practice realm.  To play together in any of the character worlds, however, (like the Monsters University campus), you have to have all the characters of the set -- something we didn't have.  For now, as characters are between $10 - 15 each, we will be a bit limited in our play.  I'm sure, however, that the kids will be buying their own figures in no time, giving them more ways to play as a team.

The graphics are excellent, the music and worlds true to Disney films, and the controls are relatively easy to master once kids have time to practice them.  I have had a few issues with our game freezing up, which we found out was due to a disc blemish.  I'm not sure if it was there when we got it, or if the kids put it there, but the Disney Infinity Facebook page has been super responsive to my issues and questions as we work through the problem.  (Note: There is a support page for contacting their team, but they are far quicker to respond via Facebook.)

Also, for those who have the Wii gaming system, play is severely limited through this console.  2-player play is not supported outside of the toy box, something that may cause you to consider buying the game for another console, if you have one.  (PS3 users were experiencing "buggy" issues, as well, all of which were resolved with a patch removal.  For more info, see the Infinity Facebook page.)

If you are on a tight budget and don't see ever expanding this game with new characters, discs, etc. then you can still expect hours of fun.  If you are like us, and let the kids buy new ways to expand on their play (with their own money, of course), then this game should provide years of entertainment for all the kids (ages 3-15!)

You can find Disney Infinity, and all supporting products, at Walmart and!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.