New Baby Gift Guide: My Picks for Number 6!

I can't believe that in less than 4 weeks, our sixth baby will be here!  We already know it's a boy, and we are so excited to get to meet the little guy.  We have much of what we need (as a large family), but it's also nice to shop for and test out new things.  It's amazing how many improvements have been made to some of our favorite baby product categories since we first started in blogging in 2007!

Here is a roundup of some of the favorite new things that our newest blessing will enjoy -- once he gets here!

LittleMe Sleepy Bear Footie

I love footed sleepers, and ones with matching hats can't be any cuter!  The material of this sleeper is soooo soft, and I love that it's sized perfectly for babies of all ages (even tiny newborns like we tend to have.)  This sleeper is just one of the many available items from LittleMe, a brand that is new to us this year.  All of their items are cuddly and gentle on a new baby's skin; check out the full line of items with boy, girl, and gender-neutral colors at their website!  (They are reasonably priced!)

Floppy Seat Shopping Cart Cover

Shopping cart covers are one of those items I thought were ridiculous to have before my 2nd baby.  I didn't see the value, since many babies can sit in car seats inside the cart.  After finding out how much real estate my local shopping list takes up, however, I need ALL the cart for supplies, and the baby has to sit comfortably in the seating area.  Pair that with how dirty some of the handles of the carts are (not to mention the filthy, broken safety belts they often have), and you have 2 good reasons to put a shopping cart cover in your travel bag.  The Floppy Seat is super soft and comfy, and comes in several stylish designs.  The one I tried even has a matching messenger bag, so you're not taking an awkward bundle of fabric into the store with you.  This seat is fluffy and plush, making it a safe alternative to letting baby's little noggin rest against the hard metal cart, and the bottle pocket is perfect for tucking a sippy inside! You can find an assortment of Floppy Seats at their website.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Rock n' Play Lightweight Plush Sleeper

I purchased this sweet little sleeper after reading dozens of reviews online.  I traditionally co-sleep with my kids, but, it's not always practical to safely sleep with a newborn, especially when recovering in the first 2 weeks after a c-section.  This fuzzy, adorable sleeper resembles a hammock, giving babies a "snug" feeling when lying in it.  Its breathable fabric makes it a safer option to laying baby on just any surface, and the "rocking" motion can help put a fussy baby back to sleep without resorting to the full motion of a swing.  I'm so excited to try this out on my new little one, especially since the fabric comes off easily and can be tossed in the wash.  (I also love how portable it is; moving it from room to room -- or even to another home -- will be a breeze!)  I purchased mine at for under $65.

SwaddleDesigns Angry Birds Blanket

Babies love being swaddled, and having the perfect swaddling blanket can make all the difference.  I found this cute blanket online and just had to order it!  It's made from breathable, 100% Cotton Marquisette and even has instructions on the front of the packaging (in case you've forgotten how to wrap your little bundle.)  Measuring 46 x 46 inches, it's great as an nursing cover, too!  Find 4 Angry Bird Designs at the SwaddleDesigns website for just $6 each!

While I have purchased two of the items in this guide, the other were received as samples.  Opinions are 100% my own.  Affiliate links may have been used, so shop with confidence that by clicking my links, you are supporting this site!