Review of the Prince Lionheart 2-in-1 diaperDEPOT and wipesWARMER pop

I remember the first time I bought a wipes warmer.  It was 10 years ago, with my 2nd child. I loved the idea of using pre-warmed wipes on my little guys' bum, especially since I gave birth in the fall, when temps were getting chilly.  I was smitten with the model we had  -- for all of a month.  The warmer smelled funny, the wipes got dry and yellowish, and I ended up throwing it out because it got moldy.

I was more than excited to try again, with our 6th baby on the way.  Prince Lionheart was a brand we trusted (see my review of the Wheely Bug we did in 2007. My kids STILL play with that thing!)  They told me about the wipesWARMER pop, with all kinds of new innovations in wipe warming technology.  I had to see what it could do.

The pop comes with everything you see below; basically all but the wipes.

Assembly was simple, but I wish the directions had been all in one piece of documentation.  There was one for the Ever-Fresh pillow case (on the plastic wrapper). There was one for the basket you put it in. There was one for the actual unit.

Putting it together was simple, but you needed all three pieces of documentation to do it.  Basically, you wet the pillow, put it in the plastic case (trim if needed), place it in the bottom of the warmer, put wipes on top, and plug it in!  The very stylish warmer gets up to temp after 3 hours, and the pillow keeps wipes fresh and moist!  (There's even a tiny nightlight on the front so you can find wipes in the dark!)  EPA approved anti-microbial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria, although we haven't had it long enough to notice if any mold would have formed.  

You can find this warmer in three colors (pink, green, and grey)!

Next, we reviewed the 2-in-1 diaperDEPOT.  I honestly was not sure we needed anything to store diapers and diapering tools in.  I usually just put everything in a basket next to my chair.  As a mom who usually recovers for weeks after the c-sections, this just seemed easiest.

The system, shown below, was 6 separate pieces of sturdy plastic that could be configured a number of ways.  You can set the entire system on a dresser top, side table, or counter OR you could use the included hanger to put it on the edge of a crib or changing table. 

There was also a large plastic "square" that had rubber feet.  This was designed to keep a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer in place on top of the organizer.  Since we had the newest warmer, however, it didn't just pop into place like we thought it would.  My husband figured it out, however, and within minutes, we had the warmer snugly on top of the entire organizer and ready to go!  

I can easily put this on my side table as I recover from my surgery with this baby.  (Or, I could just make someone else do the diapering!)  With room for diapers, burp clothes, socks, diaper cream, and more, I'm very pleased with the space this organizer gives me!

These are just two of the new items being offered by Prince Lionheart.  To see their full line of feeding, diapering, potty training, and play products, visit their website or Facebook page!

*Samples received for review.  Opinions are 100% my own.