Better Bathroom Tips for Busy Families

Some days, I can't believe how busy our bathroom is.  With 6 kids and one powder room, it seems like someone is always using it to bathe, brush, or flush!  Things get messy, and storage is a premium.  Here are a few products and my best tips to simplify and keep the chaos under control...

Skip "The Sprinkles" with the Shandle

This is a must-have for moms of boys.  The simple little "handle" affixes to your toiled seat with adhesive.  Just remove the stickers, press onto the underside of the seat, and train your boys to lift the "Shandle" before they go.  Because the clever alien, robot, and other pictures on the Shandle catch their eye, kids are actually likely to remember to lift the lid and avoid messes for mommy and other female guests.

Get this toilet seat handle in various designs at $9.99 for a 3-pack.

Mom tip: The Shandle works best for toilet seats that have a smooth underside.  Ours wasn't flat, and we had to play around with various places on the seat that it would affix to best.  

Clean When you Can with Windex Touch-Ups

Ideally, I would clean my bathroom top-to-bottom during an official cleaning time.  With 6 kids, however, I'm lucky to keep clothes picked up off the floor and the toilet paper on the spindle.  Instead, I've tried to teach the kids to clean as they go, and that includes wiping down the counters and removing gunk and streaks from the mirror.  Windex Touch-Up is a clever product that lets you apply just a little cleaning solution to a paper towel or rag and wipe when it's convenient.  This product can sit on your bathroom counter, reminding everyone to do their part.  You can choose the sanitizing cleaner or the glass cleaner -- or both!

Mom tip: To keep your bathroom cleaner, teach kids to clean around a daily routine.  In our house, we ask the kids to wipe the faucets and mirrors after brushing their teeth in the morning.  This makes it easy to remember, and -- since much of the gunk on the mirror comes from the kids brushing and spitting -- it solves grime issues immediately after they happen.

Cut the Clutter with Dial Kids Body and Hair Wash

If you were to look at my bathtub, you would see about a dozen bath and body products lining the tub rim.  Between 8 people, there are plenty of shampoos, conditioners, facial scrubs, and body washes.  When Dial sent me their Kids Hair and Body Wash to try, I was thrilled.  The product was designed to replace 3 products we use for the boys, and that meant 2 less bottles on the tub!  The Wash for ages 6+ comes in Melon and Berry scents; the Wash for kids ages 2-5 comes in Peach.  Both  varieties are tear-free, hypoallergenic, Ph balanced, and free of artificial dyes and added parabens.  The kids can scrub up quickly by themselves, and I don't have to worry about them screaming if a little gets in their eyes.  Get it at retailers for between $3-4 a bottle.

Mom tip: Since the kids can go through too much of this stuff, I do like to "portion it out" by putting it into smaller, travel-sized bottles.  This way, if they spill it, I don't have an entire bottle of wasted Dial down the drain.

What's your favorite bathroom tip?

*Samples of some products received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.