Fall Farm Decorating Tip: Turn a Clunker into a Work of Art!

If you've been to our house, you've likely wondered "Is there a party going on?"  Not because we have thumping bass or shrieks of fun, but because there are that many vehicles on in our driveway.  I could give you the long explanation (how we are using 2 for parts vehicles, how 2 more are "projects", and how we are currently working on selling 2), but it wouldn't matter.  The last thing our yard needs is another car or truck.

Thankfully, my husband is a genius.  It's annoying how good his ideas are sometimes, and - when he can actually execute one of these good ideas - the results are phenomenal.  (Remember our strawberry planter he converted from an old hog feeder?)

This is the brainchild of my husband, an awesome fall display he made in the back of the 57' Ford pickup that my teenage daughter bought as a restoration project.  I think its looks great.. and you don't even notice that it's just another vehicle on the Knerl farm.