Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear Products are an Adorable Way to Start a New Life!

Manasseh in his Rock and Play Sleeper 

You may have heard that baby #6 arrived last week! Manasseh Jesse Knerl came into the world a tiny 6 pounds and 6 ounces.  He is healthy, beautiful and sweet.  He's also a little prone to colic.  He takes a while to settle down and rarely stays asleep. 

As a work-at-home-mom who has 5 other kids to care for (and homeschool), I was immediately attracted to the Fisher-Price Snugabear Rock and Play Sleeper.  I had seen it at my local Walmart and was told by my aunt (who runs a daycare) that it's a must-have for fussy babies.  Since I would be recovering from a c-section after arriving home from the hospital, I loved the idea of having an alternative to a bassinet or crib that would be difficult to work around while healing.  I also have traditionally used products like co-sleepers, as I like my babies to be close.

The Rock and Play Sleeper fits the bill perfectly.  I can move it from room to room as I go about my day.  It's small and light, fitting nicely next to my recliner (which I'm still sleeping in as I recover), and it will fit in my bedroom next to my bed when I'm able.  It features a super soft fabric, breathable mesh to keep baby safe, and both battery-operated vibration and manual rocking features.  It was also super easy to put together; my daughter assembled it in just minutes!

The vibration feature on/off switch.
One other product in the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear line is the Cradle n' Swing.  It's the most deluxe swing we've ever owned.  In fact, the last time we owned a swing, it was the metal kind that you wound up manually with a crank!  This swing moves in more than one direction, features a rather snazzy control panel for all of the options and has the same cute bear motif as the other products.  (I love how classic it is and also that it is good for either a little boy or a little girl.) Whether you want the swing to cradle side to side or swing front to back, it's easy to take the swing to any room, and you can use the power cord if you don't want to burn through batteries.

The super-soft baby swing seat!
We did have a bit more trouble putting this product together, but only because it has so many extras that need to be done.  The parts are made of a combination of plastic and metal, and one of the plastic holes didn't line up correctly, so my husband had to improvise a bit by hammering the part in so that is would fit snugly.  I also wished that the brace bar on the back was a bit more stable.  It pops out if you don't have the legs placed just so, but once it's in place, the swing feels safe and not something that I would be concerned about.

The fancy control panel of the swing.
I really like the canopy, and the nature sounds are a nice change from the music that most swings play (although this swing offers plenty of song choices, as well.)  While this swing takes up quite a bit of room, it's something that will accommodate my little guy from newborn to 25 pounds.  It also adjusts to various seating positions as baby grows, ensuring that baby can sit up and see the world more as time goes on.

Both of these product are available at Walmart and the site.  We'll also be reviewing 2 other products from the My Little Snugabear line, so check back soon!

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