Healthy Yogurt Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms

I have not always been a big yogurt fan.  There is something about the tangy taste of the yogurt that used to really turn me off.  Over the years, however, yogurt has really made some innovative improvements, and I now stock my fridge with an assortment of yogurts for myself and my children.  Yogurt can be eaten for breakfast, but as you can see from my ideas below -- it's an anytime treat that's part of a healthy eating plan.

As a new nursing mom, I find yogurt to be one of those "super foods" that you really can't have enough of.  Not only is yogurt beneficial in fighting yeast issues post c-section (the antibiotics they pump through your I.V. can really upset the balance or good bacteria in your body), but it is an excellent source of calcium, among other things.  With so many yogurt options available, (whipped, low-fat, light, greek, fruit-on-the-bottom, plain, and more), it's quite easy to slip in yogurt to any meal or snack in your day.

Here are 5 healthy and tasty snacks that I eat while fueling up my body for producing milk for the new baby.  (They are also a great option for other members of the family, too!)

Lactation Parfait (shown above)

I take my favorite store-bought lactation cookie (recipes can be found here if you like to bake your own) and crumble it between layers of high-protein yogurt, like Yoplait Protein Coconut.

Frozen Squeeze Pops

Freeze individual "squeeze" yogurt tubes for kids until solid.  Eat them like a much-healthier popsicle!

Yogurt Fruit Dip

Our own recipe for fruit dip is fantastic with fresh fruit. I love to dip strawberries, apples, and grapes in this delicious dip!


I love blending any flavor of yogurt, frozen fruit (berries and bananas work best), flax seed, and orange juice in my blender for a quick and filling breakfast that really helps keep me at my best for baby!

As someone who doesn't like to drink milk, and finds cheese to not always agree with me, yogurt is a filling option for keeping up on my calcium intake that also helps me with my post-baby weight goals.  Walmart currently has a very robust yogurt section; I can always find light, low-fat, and regular yogurts.  In fact, the Great Value Peach yogurt is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE yogurt ever.  I can always eat it straight from the container when I don't have the energy to whip up one of the snacks above.

What's your favorite way to eat yogurt?

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