John Grisham is Back with Sycamore Row!

I don't get to read fiction often enough, but when I do, I appreciate a great legal thriller.  John Grisham took us all by surprise when he crafted "A Time to Kill" -- one of the most popular in the genre to be published.  Now, 25 year later, he has released his newest stunning book as a sequel to that classic called "Sycamore Row!"  Since I had just given birth to my son, I was expected to take it easy -- and that included having a little more time to actually read for fun!

I love that this book has both a revisit to the original book and a whole new set of characters and problems.  The story, which is set both in the courts and in the countryside of Ford County, tackles the same racial tensions that were touched upon in the first book.  I don't think you necessarily have to read the first book, however, to enjoy this one.  (In fact, if you read it when it first came out and needed a refresher, you probably will need to reread the book from when I was just 10 years old!!)

If you have ever experienced the embroiled and often bitter actions that can occur when families go through the battle of a last will and testament, you will appreciate this story line. As Seth Hubbard (an old man dying of lung cancer) ends his own life and leaves a mysterious handwritten will, there is speculation as to what it meant, if he even wrote it, and whether he was in his right mind when he directed his fortune to his hired help.

This is a powerful, yet quick read, that you will have a hard time placing aside until you get the final outcome.  As in most legal thrillers, everyone has a surprising dark side that seems to come out -- especially when a loved one dies and the estate is at risk.  Regardless of who you choose to be the winner, Grisham's conclusion is surprising yet completely believable in this tale that wraps up nicely, but with enough "what if's" to leave room for another book.  (Hopefully we don't have to wait another 25 years for that to happen....)

You can get this title, now released, at for a deeply discounted price of just $16.36.  That's 43% off list price, and it's available to ship free on orders of $50 or more (or you can choose to have it shipped to your store for free, as well.)

Will you be giving this sure-to-be-another-classic a go?

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