Review of and 5 Reasons NOT to Wax

I'm a shaving girl. I never really got behind waxing, as it's just so easy to get a high-quality razor and be beach ready in minutes -- without the pain!  The folks at agree with me.  In fact, they sent me some of their men's and women's razors to try out.

They remind me of the high-priced razors I buy at the store, but they are very durable, with refillable blades that cost a fraction of what disposables cost over a year.  I took them for a test drive recently, and I was very impressed.  One of the things I hate about flimsy, plastic refillables is that the brackets where the heads attach can break off -- leaving them useless.  These stood out in that they were super-sturdy, had lots of lubrication (for those times when you can't get ahold of a good shave gel), and they rinse off very easily.  Plus, did I mention that the razor and blade shipments come in the mail?  How easy is that? (And they ship for FREE!)

The burn-free razor company is so convinced that they are THE ultimate solution in hair removal, that they asked me to share Five Expressive Reasons Why Not to Wax:

1) Yikes! Waxing at a salon is ridiculously expensive, costing anywhere from $45 - $100 per leg. Not to mention that doesn’t even cover the bikini area, armpits and other body parts we don’t want to share with our hair! Oh, and home waxing kits? We won’t even go there!

2) Ouch! Waxing hurts like…heck! To have scorching hot wax dripped on your skin only to have it yanked out by the roots isn’t an ideal spa day experience. Imagine the ensuing pain that comes with ripping a bandage off… now multiply that by at least 10.

3) Yuck! While getting a full leg or armpit wax removes unwanted hair, it often results in bumps, ingrown hairs, rashes, and even pimples. Have sensitive skin? The hot wax can cause unwanted irritation that will leave you with legs you’ll cover up instead of show off.

4) Nasty! No one knows how sanitary the salon wax actually is (or the actual salon for that matter!). With waxing, there is always risk of a bacterial infection, skin infection, or even a disease since it strips away the body’s natural protective layer that prevents bacteria from penetrating the skin.

5) Dang it! A last minute beach trip or spontaneous first date will never fly since you need at least 3-4 weeks of hair growth for the wax to adhere. So if you have last minute plans, and you wax, you’d be out of luck!

So if you’re joining the thousands of women who are saying “heck no” to waxing, what is the simplest, softest, smoothest solution?, the burn-free razor company that offers the “Burn-Free Guarantee” – no skin burn, wallet burn, or American job-loss burn! sells American-made razors that compare to Fusion, Mach III and Venus for about half the price.

*Samples and content received to review and share.  Opinions are 100% my own.