Review of the Levenger L-Tech Plus Rollberball with Stylus

I'm 35, and for as long as I've worked, I've wanted a Levenger pen.  It was the brand so many of the execs in my old office used, but, I could never justify owning one with my careless tendencies towards pens.  Now that I have my own office area, small business, and writing needs, I was intrigued by owning one to call my own.  I was frankly tired of using pens that I pick up from conferences and trade shows.

The Levenger L-Tech Plus Rollerball with Stylus is a sleek and stylish pen that writes smoothly and fits well in my hand.  It twists up to write, and the end is a stylus that I can use comfortably with my iPad or iPhone.  It is a bit heavy, making it great for men, as well.  (And the flattened edges keep it from rolling off your desk.)  This pen is a bunch of class with amazing writing results!

This pen is refillable, with ink available at the Levenger site.  It's priced at $79, making it an investment, but one that anyone who wants to make an impression should find reasonable!

*Sample received.  Opinions are 100% my own.