Review of Milton's Craft Bakers Snack Crackers

I'm not ashamed to admit that I like snacking.  Crackers and cookies are faves of mine, but I am trying hard to avoid too much sugar, salt, and preservatives.  We were able to sample quite a few different brands of snack foods this summer and early fall as part of our search for healthier and delicious back-to-school snacks; Milton's Craft Bakers stood out as a very unique option available on the market.

First of all, Milton's has a pretty decent selection of snacks in their line.  We were fortunate enough to try the following:
  • Original Multi-Grain
  • Blueberry Multi-Grain
  • Honey Multi-Grain 
  • Chocolate Multi-Grain 
  • Honey & Corn
Are you sensing a theme here?  You should, because the majority of Milton's products are multi-grain.  That means they are very filling and they offer a good source of fiber AND protein.  They contain non-GMO grains and quality ingredients like organic blueberries and organic honey.

Now, one thing I noticed is that these are not as flavorful as more processed foods.  The original crackers, for example, aren't as salty as a traditional cracker, and the chocolate cracker is hardly sweet at all (but it has a nice chocolate "essence", as I say.)  These are good for snacking alone, but because they are not as flavorful as typical "junk food", they are better paired with a nice fresh cheese, fruit, or even a soup and salad.

I love the idea of giving these to my kids, who have not already had their palates spoiled by chips and sodium-laden crackers.  They gobbled these up, and I feel good about giving them to them -- even before dinner!

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*Samples received for review.  Opinions are 100% our own.