Why We Do Halloween....

I haven't always been a fan of the holiday.  In fact, there was a time early on in our marriage where my husband and I questioned whether it was "appropriate" for two Christians to celebrate Halloween in any way.  After moving to the small town where I grew up, however, we ventured out on our first Trick-or-Treat adventure with our new family in tow.  We stopped by houses that were forgotten during the rest of the year, spoke with elderly folks in our community who "oohed and awwed" at our children.  We experienced community like we remembered growing up, where the world was safe and intentions pure.

We loved it so much, we did it every year after that.  We added nursing homes to our stops, or visits to Great Grandma.  We spent more time on our family-friendly costumes and took the entire day to carve out clever saying in our pumpkins.  We roasted seeds.  We made Jello brains.  We had fun.  Pure.. innocent.. fun.

And we'll continue to do so.  Because we can come together with other families, love on those in our community, and enjoy the amazement in our kids' eyes when they get a Twix bar -- and, remembering that Twix is Mommy and Daddy's favorite -- set it aside for us.  Just because..

We hope your family -- if you celebrate -- have an amazing Halloween this year!  God Bless :)