Your Asked for It: Our Fridge-less Meal Plan!

The following is part of a series of content in partnership with Freshpet! Opinions are my own.

Many of you have had questions as to how my family ate when living without our fridge.  While I don't have a complete list of the items we ate, I do have a sort of general meal plan for how we managed to have *somewhat* balanced meals while doing without the fridge.  Here are a few actual meals that we ate while fridgeless:

Breakfast - Toast and eggs
(This was easy, as we get fresh eggs daily from our chickens.  No refrigeration was needed for them, and we ate honey on our toast.)

Lunch - Canned soup with some kind of cracker or bread and fresh veggies from the garden.

Dinner - Pizza from the grocery store (with nowhere to store leftovers, so we ate it all!)

Some other things we ate from the store included deli items that we would buy just enough of to not have leftovers.  Rotisserie and fried chicken, pastas, and lunch meat for sandwiches were what we enjoyed most.

We almost always paired our meals with a fresh fruit that didn't require refrigeration (apples or bananas from the fruit bow) and a fresh veggie from the garden.  (I honestly don't know what we would have done without our garden keeping things fresh until we harvested them for eating!)

So, while the meals weren't exactly what I would have liked for my family (and it took much more work), I think we managed fairly well without our fridge.  The biggest issue I had was that we couldn't keep leftovers, which meant I couldn't make double batches of food to eat for one meal then reheat for a meal later in the week.  I was always cooking!

A big "thank you" to Freshpet for allowing me to share my experience (although I hope it is one I don't have to repeat soon!) Be sure to check out Dr. Katy's Blog to see how she handled her time without a fridge....