Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for the Holidays

I love the holidays, but having guests over can be stressful!  There are things I always save to do until the last minute (like vacuuming and dusting), but there are other things that I can do weeks ahead of time.  Here are my favorite ways to make my home more welcoming for those overnight guests -- like my inlaws!

1. Buy new guest towels.  Towels can get rather ugly when they go through the motions of an 8-person household!  Getting new fluffy towels for our guests and putting them at the foot of their beds (along with some pretty soaps) gets rid of any confusion about which towels they should use and keeps at least one really good towel clean for company.  (Note: We have ONE bathroom.  And clean towels are like Cheetos at our house... they rarely last!)

I recommend these beautiful Better Homes and Gardens Towels from Walmart.  They are so big and comfy, but they aren't jaw-droppingly expensive....

By getting new towels for your guests each year, you are also making a commitment to upgrade your towels after they leave.  Each year you are guaranteed to add to your collection, giving you an excuse to shred those threadbare towels for your husband's shop.

2. Fill a container (or two). Pretty empty containers can be found for a reasonable price most any time of year.  Bring them out for the holidays, and fill them with seasonal items -- like these pine cones and fall leaves!  I found this container at Walmart for less than $7.  It's plastic, so it won't break, but it is delicate-looking, like glass!

3. Try a throw!  I love all the plush, earth-toned throws and blankets out right now.  It's easy to toss one over a chair or couch as an impromptu chair cover.  You can add a second as a blanket to be used by guests.  My dog is loving this plushy throw in warm colors...

These little "extras" don't take much time or money, but can give a comfy feel to the areas that guests will be using in your home.  (And they are a nice excuse to upgrade after they are gone!)

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