Families Watching Together: Our 2013 Holiday Movie Gift Guide

It may seem like it's too early to discuss Christmas, but -- the fact is -- movies are here for the holiday season!  We have screened dozens of titles over the past month to pick out the best, most-appropriate DVD gifts for families.  Here are our picks for under the tree this year!

(See something you want to buy? Links to online retailers may be affiliate links.  Screeners for some items were received to review.)

Pound Puppies Holiday Hijinks

I loved the Pound Puppies toys as a child, and the new TV show for today's generation is a quirky, clever update to the brand of my youth.  The television show features the voice talents of Yvette Nicole Brown (from Community), as well as Michael Rapaport, Eric McCormak, and more!  Airing on the Hub, it's a show that I like to watch with the kids, and the holiday DVD special is just as entertaining.  With 5 episodes and a seasonal theme, Holiday Hijinks follows Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Strudel, Squirt, and Mr. Nut-Nut in some harmless adventures with a wholesome theme.  (Get it for $9.99 on DVD at Amazon)

Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure

My kids enjoyed the first Alpha and Omega movie, but they were far more impressed with this quick view.  A Howl-iday Adventure follows wolf family Kate and Humphrey (and their young wolf pups) as they travel through the wilderness to find their smallest wolf "runt".  The theme of this film is completely focused on family, and it reaffirms the message of "Home is where the Family is".  My boys laughed a lot during this movie, but they also got a bit serious during the hunt for the baby wolf.  All the adventure was mild, however, and the happy ending and "togetherness" message was a welcome one in my home.  (Get it on Blu-Ray combo Pack and DVD exclusively from Walmart!)

Inspector Gadget Megaset

I remember spending so much of my TV time watching Inspector Gadget when I was young.  This classic show is back, not as a remake, but as a re-release of all the original season 1 and 2 episodes!  Get all of them in the Megaset, and prepare for hours of Gadget fun. For those who are looking for a holiday story line, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas is available, as well!  Experience the adventure as our hero tries to save Santa from the clutches of the evil Dr. Claw, ensuring a Merry Christmas for the world! (Get the Megaset for $76 at Amazon.com; Gadget Saves Christmas for $8.99)

These are just a few of the great entertainment options we hope to share before the holidays.  Stay tuned for a few more reviews and even a couple of giveaways to make your seasonal movie time a family-friendly one!