Review of BubbleBum Booster Seat

Why is it that car seats have to be so bulky, cumbersome, and heavy?  While I understand that infant car seats have a purpose to their awkward size, there is no good reason for a booster seat to be so difficult to work with!  We learned of a booster seat that is the opposite of what most seats are -- it's the BubbleBum (and it exceeded our expectations!)
First, the premise of the seat is this: it's inflatable, can be carried easily in the included carrying pouch, and takes up less room than a traditional hard booster seat.  Why is this needed?  Well, have you ever had to have your child stay at a friend or relative's house who didn't have a booster seat?  Instead of wondering how you'll get them a booster seat, you can send the BubbleBum seat with your child.  It fits easily inside a sleepover bag or backpack.

It is also a great option for parents who travel with their kids and do not want to rent a car seat from a rental car company.  (Plus, have you seen those rentals? They are usually filthy!)  It's also a safe alternative to not having a seat when you have to take an airport shuttle or taxi (as they usually do not have safe seating options for young kids.)

Another perk is the size; most standard cars are not wide enough to hold three car seats in a row, side-by-side.  We have two infant seats in our car, and there is not enough room to sit a booster between them.  The BubbleBum fits perfectly between the two when inflated, giving my son a place to legally and safely sit in our car with the two younger boys in their seats.  (Note: The BubbleBum is designed to be used with a shoulder belt.  If your center seat doesn't have one, it is not recommended that you use the BubbleBum.)

The picture below is the inside of our Ford Focus.  The BubbleBum is in the middle of an infant car seat and a typical booster seat.  (Forgive the snacks and mess....)

The BubbleBum inflates quickly and easily.  The seat is easy to position onto your car's seat, and it is actually more comfortable than a traditional seat (according to my son.)  It's like sitting on a comfy pillow!

The BubbleBum has no drawbacks that I can see.  I would imagine it would last a long time, but I don't know if many months of use by a larger child would wear it out before a typical seat, or not.  To ensure that it stays in good shape, I would suggest deflating it between infrequent uses and keeping it away from excessive heat or sharp objects.  Also, the seat may be more comfortable for smaller kids, as it is rather narrow (which is why we love it so much!)

Get more info on this seat on the BubbleBum website.  It retails for $39.99, far less than the cost to rent a car seat for a rental car or cab!  (You can also check then out on Twitter or Facebook!)

*Sample received to review. Opinions are 100% my own.