Review of the RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio

We wrote this post in partnership with RoseArt. Opinions are 100% our own!

Are you aware of what the "hot" toys are each year?  For this year and last, "airbrush" machines were making the lists of must-have for kids.  But what can families expect from them?

We received the RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio to try out, and I was honestly expecting to be a little disappointed.  Most "toy" versions of cool adult art tools are usually not very effective, but I was amazed that this toy was so fun -- and it worked!  In fact, this toy kept my kids busy for hours, and the results were very professional-looking!

Here's how it works:

Kids use the included RoseArt markers to put into the airbrush end.  They press the button to turn on the motor, and air blows the marker ink out onto the paper.  Kids can use the included stencils or free-paint.  The closer the kids put the tip to the paper, the more filled in the design will be.

This toy needs 4 batteries to operate (not included.)  The machine is really not that loud, considering, and we were able to watch the football game in the same room as the kids using the machine, with no issues.  Also, my kids ages 6, 8, and 10 could use this with little supervision.  We just put an old table cloth on the table to catch any overspray and made sure to show them how it worked.  The pictures they created were really eye-catching; the creations could make great holiday gifts or cards!

With other airbrush toys on the market requiring kids to manual "pump" the product, it's good to see that this is so easy to use - plus, it's completely portable!

Here's a video that shows the product in action. It's very close to the experience we had using it ourselves!

Wanna Save?  Walmart is marking down the RoseArt Extreme Airbrush Studio to $9.97 (regularly $19.97) for Black Friday! See their ad for details.