Review of Skylanders SwapForce Game and Accessories

My kids have been collecting Skylanders figures for their games, ever since they got both the original and Giants games.  They love pooling their money, looking for the powers on the boxes, and choosing the character that will help them get to the next gaming level!

When they found out early in 2013 that SwapForce was coming this year, they freaked out!  What could be more awesome than mixing and matching TWO characters to share resources and create even more awesome powers!  We received the Xbox 360 Starter Kit to review, and here is what my kids thought of it.

Like the other games, there are "minor" characters that can be purchased for a lower price and the "major" figures (in this case, Swapforce) that are more, but come with more features.  The Swapforce characters come apart in the middle, and kids can put the top half of one on the legs of another.  They then get cool names and special fighting actions that they don't have apart!

The game is more challenging than the others, according to my boys.  Of course, there are 3 levels of difficulty for playing, and they chose to use the more difficult play levels.  Since they have over 30 Skylanders from over the years, they can play for much longer, even when they run out of lives quickly during challenging parts of the game.  The "puzzles" are more varied and fun than the puzzles of the Giants game, according to my boys.

Do you need to have played the other Skylanders games to enjoy Swapforce?  No.  It's a great standalone game, and the Swapforce figures aren't backwards compatible, anway.  (Note that the figures from the older games are forward compatible, however.  Kids can keep using the figures they've invested their hard earned money in to play this newer game!)

The Swapforce Starter Kit comes with the portal, video game, 3 characters (of which 2 are a "swap" character), poster, sticker sheets with codes for the online games, and trading cards. (Note: Previous versions of Skylanders have offered a Starter Kit with portal or the kit without the portal.  The SwapForce game requires a different portal, however, so you must buy the starter kit with portal to get started.  This portal works on previous versions of Skylanders games, but the older portals do NOT work on this newest game.)

You can find the Starter Kit for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii at Walmart and other retailers for around $75.

Wanna Save?  Walmart is offering the Starter Kit for $37 at local stores from now until Thanksgiving!  (That's $2 cheaper than their BLACK FRIDAY prices!)

*Review unit received. Opinions are 100% my own.  Affiliate links to retailers may have been used.