DIY Glitter Pinecone Frame Craft

Every year, we have the kids pick up a load of pine cones from the yard.  Most years, they just get tossed into the mulch pile.  This year, however, we wanted to do something special with them. In addition to adding a few to our Glitter String Tree display, we  made this picture frame -- it was my son's idea!

We started with a big basket of pine cones, that my husband sorted into sizes.  We tossed any crumbly ones, and we also checked them for bugs.  (If you're worried about mites or spiders living in the pine cones, which can happen, put them in a 250 degree oven for about 15 minutes.  It will help to kill anything living inside.)

Then, it was time to make the frame.  To create this easy craft, you will need:

Begin by designing the layout of your pine cones.  Play around with the size and positioning until you get the look you want.

Then, you can either spray the pine cones individually and attach them to the frame -- OR -- you can attach them to the frame with the hot glue and then spray the whole frame.  Just be sure to remove it from the glass and backing or cover the glass (if it's a "pop-out" frame) with cardboard to prevent the glass from being sprayed.

(If you happen to have a frame that doesn't have borders, or the borders are very narrow, you can glue wide strips of cardboard around the frame to widen it.  Then, glue the pine cones to the cardboard strips, like below.)

Be sure to follow the directions on the Glitter Blast very carefully.  The spray can come out chunky if you don't shake the can for the proper amount of time!

We did this frame in one color.  You can choose to use several colors of the glitter spray or leave a few pine cones naturally unpainted for a more unique look.  You'll obviously have to spray them before affixing if you choose to go this route.