Gift Guide: Fight Holiday Stress and Look Your Best!

The ads this season are full of gadgets, foodstuffs, and things that sparkle, and - while I'm all for getting an item from any one of these categories - the fact remains that I probably NEED something far more thoughtful.  As a new mom, a working mom, and a wife to a very busy husband, I could probably benefit from a gift item that nurtures and primps as much as anyone.

Here are some of our top recommended items for 2013's last-minute holiday shopping sprees, all designed to help the woman in your life look and feel better without any hassle!


I've been slathering on sunscreen ever since my first major sunburn at 18, but that doesn't mean I can't take extra steps to ensure a healthy, glowing complexion.  HelioCare is designed to work from the inside out, giving you antioxidants that have been shown to boost your skin's effectiveness in fighting aging from sun damage.  The extract Polypodium leucotomos from a well-known tropical fern can help eliminate free radicals and might even give you healthier, younger looking skin over time.  (Get this tool for beating winter's harsh sun rays at Walgreens or Amazon for just $29.99.)

KareCo Professional Hair Brush

While I can usually get by with just one really great hair brush, sometimes it helps to have a few other tricks in the tool belt.  The KareCo collection, exclusive to Walmart, features five brushes for every hair type and style.  Lightweight and comfy to use, I found this great for tucking into my purse and for my carry-on when I head out next year on business trips.  With salon-quality features, you would think they would cost a fortune, as these handy brushes work well with all styling tools like dryers and irons, and their materials keep them from getting hot or pulling out fine or tangled hair.  They include the Large Paddle, Large Thermal, Small Thermal, Oval Vent, and 9-Row Styling, affordably priced at just$10.97 - $12.97. Check out more information on this hot new product line at their Facebook page, or pick one up at your local Walmart!

Sainthood Herbs "Stress and Sleep"

The holidays can be murder on your schedule, resulting in frazzled days and sleepless nights.  While it may be easy to pop a sleeping pill or relax with a glass of wine, it's not always practical, and doing so too often is very unsafe.  The folks at Sainthood Herbs have combined my favorite weapons against sleeplessness into one bottle with their "Stress and Sleep" formula.  Lemon Balm and Jujube work to relax you and help you deal with minor sleeping difficulties.  (And you won't have to worry about sleep-driving and other crazy side effects that can be associated with hard-core sleeping Rx's.)  One non-GMO bottle costs less than $30 and may be just what you need for getting a handle on all the "Decking the Halls".... (available at their website. )

CleanWell Botanical Fabric Deodorizer

Have you ever worked so hard to clean your home, only to find out it doesn't smell clean?  Nothing is more stressful than getting your house ready for guests, and having them greeted at the door with an uplifting scent can really set the mood for a successful holiday visit.  The CleanWell Botanicals Fabric Deodorizer is an easy fix for couches, rugs, linens, towels, and even the coat closet!  Just spritz a few sprays in plenty of time to dry (5-10 minutes) and watch your home's stale and otherwise "not quite fresh" odor issues walk out the front door.  I enjoy using this on everything in my home, and since it's made with natural thyme oil, I don't have to deal with harsh chemicals that can irritate or harm.  (Find it at Amazon for $3.99.)

*Samples received to review. Opinions are 100% my own. Links to purchase may be affiliate links.