Help Local Kids with the Holidays - Fill the Truck!

This time of year is full of "asks" from charities wanting money or resources for helping their cause.  I completely understand that, with the economy, there is a growing need for giving during the holidays.  So how do we decide which charities we give to first?  As a mom of 6, it's important to me that kids are helped this time of year; they are, after all, our future.  Toys for Tots is one charity that seems to be doing it right.

Last year, we purchased a bunch of toys to give to charity, but there were no Toys for Tots pick up locations near us.  We ended up giving toys to our local toy drive, put on by the local newspaper, so we were able to help.  It would have been great, however, to have a drop off location even easier to get to!

Walmart decided to make things simple for families -- like us -- who want to give.  They are doing "Fill the Truck" promotions across the country to remind shoppers that not all kids have presents for under the tree.  And they have given you no excuse to not know where to donate; the drop-off locations are either inside the store, or right outside!

Here is an example of what a "truck" may look like.  This is a cardboard truck at one Walmart that is already starting to fill up with donations...

And here are two Walmart employees putting those toys on a real truck to make sure they make it to kids in need.

Not sure if your local Walmart has a "Fill the Truck"? program going on? Just ask!  Last year, the employees had a cart in customer service waiting for donations that we could fill.  This year, however, I anticipate it being more organized and "formal" via this new initiative.

FYI - Walmart allowed us to shop for the charity of our choice, and we chose to again partner with our local newspaper to support their toy drive.  While my Walmart is somewhat local, it's still 20 minutes away, and the toy drive put on by my newspaper helps kids right here in my hometown!  I highly recommend donating to the Walmart toy drive, if it represents your local area.  They also take coats!

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