Holiday Home Decor You can Eat: Easy Gingerbread Village

We do "gingerbread houses" every year at my house.  My husband takes the lead, getting kids to make little candy-laden homes from graham crackers, homemade icing, and all the treats we can find.  They are fun to make - albeit messy - and the kids have the chance to personalize what the ideal house looks like to them.

This year, we decided to take a bit of the prep work out of the houses, and bought a few of the gingerbread kits from the craft aisle at our local Walmart.  These are real, edible components that can be put together to make a village, train, or just some of the most adorable gingerbread men you can think of.

I like them because they are larger than what you can make with graham crackers, and the cutting of the pieces have been done for you.

Here's how it went for us:

We separated all the gingerbread sheets by individual building.  There were 5 buildings in this kit, so each kid got one to do themselves.  We helped them break the sheets into the shapes for their houses (which were easy to do with the included lines on the gingerbread).

Then, we cut the tip off the included icing tube and passed it around for the kids to "glue" together their houses.

Once they were dry, they were ready to use the icing to decorate, and added the included packs of candy to make the village bright and colorful!

We allowed the village to stay up for almost a week, and then the kids were begging to eat them.  They were actually pretty good; the gingerbread tasted yummy -- especially for a premade piece of cookie that had been sitting in our window all week!

Here is the finished village:

One little building, the one my 3-year-old did, was lovingly dubbed "the outhouse."  If you've ever lived on a very old farm, you can see why...

 We haven't done the train kit yet, but we did do the gingerbread men.  These are large, and come 3 to a pack.


All 3 kits cost less than $8 each at your local Walmart!

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