Review of the Boba Wrap

Do you wear your baby? Did you want to try?  Not all baby carriers are created the same, especially those that are not "structured" - like the wraps.  I remember trying a baby wrap over 10 years ago, and the results were disasterous; my back hurt, I remember my son screaming while I fiddled with the cloth, and it was so big and clunky that I gave up after 2 tries.

The Boba Wrap, however, is totally different.  It's light and stretchy, and it's really hard to do it wrong.  Like any wrap, you'll get better at using it with each try.  My new baby loves sitting in it, however, and I like that it really looks like part of my body, not an "apparatus."

Manasseh, our newborn, can snuggle up real close and there is even a part of the wrap that can go over his head to keep it from flopping around.  (Many wraps are not designed for newborns.  The Boba wrap can be safely worn with children over 5 pounds, however.)  I admit that the first few times I used the wrap, I didn't have it tight enough.  My baby wasn't in any danger, but he did sit lower than intended, making it a bit awkward for me.  With each new try, I tightened the wrap a bit more; the stretchy cloth felt very snug, but this turned out better for baby!

One other thing to note is that the Boba Wrap can be used while nursing.  It is not a hands free solution, however.  If you want to nurse a baby while wearing him or her in this wrap, you'll need to lift the breast to the mouth of the baby.  This is not always easy, depending on what you have to work with in that department.  It can be done, but I much preferred to just take baby out and hold him while I nursed.  The wrap isn't intended to have baby in any other position than straight up and down, so a sideways nursing hold can't be achieved while in the wrap.  Since baby can so easily be taken in and out of the wrap, however, it's not a big deal to do so.  Unlike other wraps, you can wear it all day, look fashionable, and pop the little guy in and out as needed!

One thing to note is that the wrap comes with very good instructions on how to use it, but a video would have been helpful.  The below video demonstration is just one of many on the website that I could have benefited from had I seen it.  I recommend you take a look before trying out the wrap!

The Wrap costs $38 (add extra for select patterns or organic cloth) and comes in several colors.  If you're new to baby wearing or just want something super comfy, I highly recommend this product!

*Sample received to review.  Opinions are 100% my own.