Review of Homemade Holiday Recipes ebook

I live on a very small farm (just 3.5 acres), which gives me enough space to try out new garden treats, raise hens, and get the best beef from our grass-fed minicows.  All that work seems like a waste, however, if I don't "treat" the harvest with care through a delicious recipe.  Some of the ones I've been finding on Pinterest have LOOKED amazing -- but fall short of giving me results worthy of the ingredients I use.

My friends at the Homestead Bloggers Network have been hard at work putting together a collection of tested and trusted recipes that have been a blessing for them and their families.  These holiday-themed eats make up a collection of simple to semi-complicated fares that will make your holidays (and the months beyond) homey and yummy.

Some of the recipes that I am excited to try right away include:
  • Tangy Appalachian-Style Deviled Eggs
  • Kale Chips
  • Man-Catching Crab Dip
  • Homemade Eggnog
  • Best Ever Southern Cornbread
Photos are provided for each -- taken in a REAL kitchen by REAL bloggers! (So you know what it will actually look like when you're done.)

One thing you will find with this book is that it comes with lengthy explanations for each step of each recipe.  No more guessing how to handle egg separation or whether it's OK to skip an ingredients.  The secret of the chefs are revealed throughout the book, and you can see why the recipes mean so much to them!

This book is available for Kindle for just $2.99.  Those of you with access to the Kindle Lending Library might want to put this one on your list for borrowing in December!

*Sample copy received to review.  Opinions are my own. Affiliate links to Amazon may be used.