Review of Jake and the Neverland Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game (and more!)

Games at our house are often complicated.  The older ones want to play games that the little ones can't, and little ones can only play games that the older ones find boring.  The 3 games we reviewed from Wonder Forge, however, fit our boys ages 3-10 very well.  They enjoyed playing them together, and it kept them busy for hours!

The first game was our favorite: Jake and the Neverland Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game.  This Walmart exclusive features all the components of a treasure hunt, with fun game-play action!  The boys had a blast, matching coins, using the spy glass to read codes, and racing the sand timer to find treasure with their sword.  All of the pieces are safe for our youngest to use (even the sword, which is made of foam.)  

The only problem we had with this game was keeping the pieces together.  They are all easily stored in an included bag, but my 3-year-old kept getting into the game and playing with the pieces on his own.  They are high-quality, and he was fascinated by them. 

We also tried out the new Doc McStuffins All Better Game.  My older boys weren't as interested, only because they don't watch the show.  My 3-year-old loves the show, however, so he talked his brothers into playing this simple match game that uses slap bracelets that look like bandages.  Kids match their bandages to one of several doctor's tools.  All are well-constructed and safe; they store inside a Doc's bag when finished!

The last game we tried was the World of Disney Eye Found It! Game.  Designed for the older boys, my 6, 8, and 10 year old sat intently playing this one for almost an hour.  It plays much like a traditional Candy Land, in that you move pieces along a board game with the spin of the arrow.  Land on a special space or pace on the spinner, however, and you'll be challenged to search the tiny pictures on the game board for objects like balloons, cannons, ladders and more!  This game seems like it will be lots of fun until the kids have gone through the cards a few times and remember where everything is hiding. After that, however, it would be easy for a grown up to make extra cards with more items you find.

You can learn more about Wonder Forge, the maker of these games, at their website.  They have dozens of games based off of characters your children already know and love!

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