Review of the Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest, Furniture Touch-Up Kit, and Microfiber Gloves

I love new stuff for the home office. There's just something about trying new gadgets, office stationary, and office supplies that makes you want to get to work after a long holiday break!  We tried out 3 products from Master Caster in December that really helped us solve some real-world problems.  Here's what we thought...

Rolling Wrist Rest (MAS99504)

This is a really cool wrist rest, in that it has four angled wheels on the bottom to help your arm move in any direction while using a mouse.  Your wrist stays truly supported, helping keep pressure off the places that can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other office-related injuries.  It's also great for going from the keyboard to the mouse sand back again -- without picking up your wrist from the pad! You need a big enough desk surface to really use this effectively (a small laptop table might not get the full effect), but, once you put it into place, it's a smooth experience for a very low price.)

Smarter Dual Action Microfiber Gloves (MAS18041)

It's super cold here in Nebraska (-20 wind chill as I type this), and while I likely won't be doing much typing outside in the cold, I will be likely to send a text message home from inside my car at the store parking lot.  Most gloves don't work to use a touch screen phone with, and there is NO way I'm taking off my gloves just to send a text.  These microfiber gloves from Master Caster look like any other warm and fuzzy microfiber gloves, but the pointer and thumb tips of both gloves are specially-made to transfer your "touch" to your gadget screen. It really works!  Now you can swipe, tap, and text from inside your cozy gloves...

Furniture Touch-Up Kit (MAS18000)

"Why can't we have anything nice"?

That might as well be the family anthem in our house full of rambunctious little boys.  Even after we get a nice piece of wood furniture, it seems to have nicks and scrapes on it within hours of bringing it home.  We were devastated to see that the vintage headboard to a set we got at an estate sale had a gouge on it the same day we brought it home (oops!)  Having a good touch-up kit on hand can help mask any very obvious dings and dents, however, and this one from Master Caster has every color you'd need to fill in light spots and draw attention away from the area.  It also comes with a filler stick for holes and deep spots!

This year, I plan on stocking my office with only those things that I really need. I will likely also be ordering some promotional products (like pens or t-shirts) for my business. What type of designs do you like to see on promotional shirts for a business?

*Samples received to review. Opinions are 100% my own.