Clever Baby Gear: Chicco Natural Fit Bottles

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Chicco. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating. 

I had a favorite bottle.  I used it with 2 of my kids, and then bought more of its kind ahead of time for this newest little guy.  After just a few days using it, however, I was disappointed that it wasn't working...  He was having a hard time, as he kept sucking air, and we had to really tilt the bottle so that he could drink without getting gassy.

The new bottles from Chicco arrived from Mom Central just 2 weeks after we gave up on our "favorite" bottle.  I was not looking forward to switching our little guy to another bottle, but felt I had no choice.  With these bottles designed for various ages of babies, however, I felt that it might be worth a shot.  I was really impressed by the softness of the nipple, and I also noticed that it had a "tilt" to it.  This kept my son from sucking air while drinking, and it ensured that every last drop milk was enjoyed by my son.

Here's a pic of the Chicco Natural Fit Bottle:

See the angle of the nipple?

It's really easy to clean, too.  If you don't happen to have a bottle brush, you can fit your hand inside with a washcloth and clean it thoroughly.  It comes in a variety of sizes (including 5 oz, 8 oz, and 11 oz) for your baby's various stages.  While it doesn't fit onto my current breast pump, it's really easy to put refrigerated milk (or even frozen milk) into the wide mouth of the bottle and warm up the milk in water.  These are a great addition to your milk expression routine!

We also tried a few of the Chicco Natural Fit Deco Orthodontic Pacifiers.  My little guy keeps these in his mouth easily, so we'll probably keep a few in the diaper bag for when we travel and I can't easily pop them back in for him. (And they are really cute!)  They also come in a hard, plastic case, so that you can keep them clean when not in use.

Every kid is different.  See Manasseh in the pic above? He's a double-chinned cutie who, for some reason, wouldn't take the bottle I've used with the other kids.  Thankfully, he's found a keeper with the Chicco Natural Fit, so I have an option for when I'm out and about without him and my husband has to feed him.  You can find out more about the entire Chicco bottle and paci line at their website!