Easy Lego Minifig Cupcakes

My daughter does all the baking in our house.  And why not?  She's good at it, loves it, and has the best ideas.  Today was my son's 7th birthday, and all he wanted was a batch of Lego cupcakes.  His sister came up with these in about an hour.

To make them, simply bake up your choice of cupcake from a boxed cake mix.  Add your choice of canned frosting (use piping tips for a fancier look). Then adorn with these super-simple edible minifigures!

Make them with a silicone mold; (we used these ice cube trays). Spray the molds with cooking spray, then pour in melted white chocolate tinted with your choice of food coloring.  For easiest melted chocolate, you can use our tiny slow cooker method.  We went with red food coloring, but use a lot!  Anything less than a ton of coloring makes pink minifigs!

Let the chocolate set in the fridge and pop out right before you want to serve the cupcakes.  Use a food-grade marker to draw little faces.  My daughter got sassy and made a few with "X"s for eyes.  (Can you say RIP?) The boys got a chuckle out of this....

My 7-year-old LOVED these cupcakes, and they really take no time at all.  If you've seen some of the fabulous cakes and designs on Pinterest, the thought of a Lego-inspired dessert may be overwhelming.  These molds make short work of the decorations, however, and they even make "brick" molds for even more variety.

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