Losing the Baby Weight: What Works for Me

Perhaps you are looking to drop a few pounds this New Year. Or, maybe you want to get rid of some recent baby weight.  Whatever the case, I've tried a few different programs and products over the years, and I've had good results with most of them.  Here are those that I recommend if you are trying to slim down a bit in 2014:

1.  Weight Watchers. I'm currently on this program using the "online" version.  I have had success with dropping baby weight by joining Weight Watchers for my last 2 babies, and I feel that it is well worth the price.  In addition to having a program tailored specifically to nursing moms (which is important to ensure that you don't cut out too many calories), I like that it has so many features that work with my smart phone.  I can use the apps to scan food bar codes, add items from my favorites restaurants, or get recipe information on the go.

So far, I've lost 9 pounds since I had my son in October.  This is fantastic, because I had limited activity during the first 7 weeks due to a difficult c-section and a few complications.  While I don't stay on Weight Watchers forever, it's definitely a great way to jump start weight loss and get back on track from any set-backs.  (I find it works better than most "calorie count" programs, because it helps me to make better food choices on more than just calories.  I'm eating more fruit and less candy, for example, and providing a more nutritious meal for my baby in the process!)

2.  FitBit One.  This is a tool that I use all the time.  It's a fancy version of a pedometer, and it works right alongside whatever eating program I'm using to keep my activity in check and my sleep on schedule.  Read all the details in my recent review of this awesome gadget!

3.  Special K Challenge.  I don't usually recommend branded foods, especially because they can be more expensive than other options.  Dropping 4 pounds in a week was SUPER easy with this plan, however, so I can't say it's not perfect for a last-minute fight against body fat.  If you have a special event coming up or want to kick-start your weight loss without tracking, counting, or thinking, the yummy products work well to help you take an inch or two off your waist.  Read about my experience here.

4.  BistroMD Food Delivery Service.  This is likely my last choice for a plan, because it is more costly than making your own food and isn't for everyone.  The meals were delicious, however, and because you can pop them in the microwave and dine without hassle, I also think it would make a thoughtful gift for a new mom who is recovering from baby and doesn't have time to cook.  Made with ingredients you can identify, they are pretty delicious for packaged food, and after time -- you could possibly slim down significantly.  See photos of the meals and what I thought in my review.

What about you? Is there a plan or product that you'll be trying in 2014? I'd love to hear about it!  Good luck!!